A couple of Fridays ago, I woke early to host a Very-Own-Bag-Making sesh with a lovely young woman on her birthday. Aside from hosting Make-a-Stuffed-Dude birthday parties, I have few experiences creating with another person and I wasn’t entirely sure how it would work out. Turns out: Splendidly! I wonder if I had even more fun than CT, as she is known artistically ;o)

I explained my own process and we began rummaging through my vintage prints for a lining fabric. After narrowing her choices, CT then carefully considered her outer fabric and we got rolling. It was to be a Lovely Roundbottom Shoulderbag avec fish! Crank the tunes and get cutting, girl! We worked together, CT cutting wee fish and I cutting out the pattern. I had her ironing with my mini iron, placing her fish just as she wished while I kept exclaiming, “I am loving this bag! This is so much fun!” Happily surprised and abundantly pleased. I travelled to my folks’ over that weekend where Mom showed me how she assembles the Roundbottom Shoulderbags. Fantastic! CT’s bag turned out fabulously and here are the photos to prove it! (I think she likes it ;o)