Like many good fathers out there, mine is difficult to buy for. Cripes! My sisters and I wrack our brains for something (a) affordable and (b) meaningful and (c) he hasn’t gone out and already purchased. Once we find a good theme, we can overdo it a little, giddy with the ‘win’. There is quite a collection of Far Side comics in my parents home, as well as Far Side mugs. There is a closet full of Engineer Beige slacks and matching Engineer Office shirts, as well. Tools are a bust, sports are a no-go and I just can’t afford that Lexus IS-bibbity-bobbity that he so desires.

This year, I gave my first idea away to my younger sister as she happened to be closer to Mrs. Huizenga’s for the latest winner, Mado’s Pepper Sauce (I awesome-sauce this Awesome Sauce). So, I put my thinking cap on and thought, “What can I possibly make Dad that isn’t a handbag, pillow or wallhanging?” My father has often remarked that my Stitchy faces are my greatest talent. As this comes easily I can never quite agree, feeling my glass work or my elaborate wallages are more spectacular (toot!). Nevertheless, he maintains that “not everyone can do this, Katie” and “you are sketching with thread!” It blows his giant mind.

Well, he may not want a bag or pillow, but surely Dad will wear a tshirt! I dashed out to the shop to buy a blank tee. I then perused my family photos until I found my folder entitled, Dad-isms, where I located the following:

This one I like to refer to as Puff Daddy, on account of Dad’s badass arm fold.

And this:

Mom woke to this note one morning. My Father, the Engineer.

I worked those images until I came up with my the following! Here is Dad, horizontal on a different sofa, modelling my Dad’s Day masterpiece:

A Stroke of Freaking Genius

Send me your pics! I’ll whip you up a solution to next year’s Father’s Day dilemma.