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It’s all go here at the studio. I applied late to the Christmas One of a Kind show and was accepted! I’ve been on the fence for so long with regards to the OOAK, it’s a tad surreal knowing I’m doing the *gulp!* full show.

November will prove to be a brilliant month of shows, beginning with The Maker’s Hand in Picton (November 5-7), followed by Fair November in Guelph (November 18-21) and finishing with a full One of a Kind show in Toronto(November 25 – December 5). Email me: to join my mailing list and receive an online coupon for the OOAK entry fee!

Signs of fall abound in the woods around my home. Morning walks mean sweaters and legwarmers, chipmunks are scurrying about in spite of their overloaded cheeks and the fall colours begin to tell of what is to come. Glorious anticipation! I have been loving the mushrooms, blessed little wonders, and even ate part of a giant puffball the other week! Maybe it’s time to put my plan of mushroom finger puppets in action… the Stuffed Dudes need more of a plush woodland for frolicking.

This and other new tricks are up my sleeve. The squeeze of time before shows is when my creative mind really ramps up. Stay tuned!

Birds on a Wire, Cedar Needles and a Forest Elder

My oh my, this feels like a long time coming! What better way to celebrate spring and new beginnings than with a fresh batch of dudes. In honour of getting my online act together, I have posted some stuffed lovelies in my recently resurrected Etsy shop:

Stuffed Dudes now in my Etsy shop!

I have been enjoying these last days of winter on the farm, snapping inspiration shots of worn wooden fences, mosses and lichens; scenes from the wee world. Such a welcome visual buffet–with show applications in and pending, my production mind is waking me early with a twitter of urgency. It’s Go Time!

Wee world scapes

Visual buffet in macro!

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