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swan in snow

swan-on-the-lawn is swimming through snow

The wind is really blowing. It steadily pushes at the snow, sculpting it into drifts. Driving down the lane tonight, I was mesmerized by the snow snaking over the road. Always changing and in motion. Wind is change.

My woodland walk today was work! Wading knee-deep through snow that gave way to every. single. step. left me breathless. A couple of deer paused in their tracks, perfectly still, waiting until I had moved on before continuing their day. I love seeing deer; they’re wild and beautiful. Feels like a blessing, witnessing wild creatures in their natural home. Watching them run over the front field amazes me; it’s their speed and strength.

Once I saw two deer run through the field, across the lane and into the woods, passing close to a dogwalker. Her dog went bonkers, barking and running, excited by these great, bounding beasts. And then came this barrage of screeching shrieks, the likes of which I have not heard since Mrs. Druitt hollered through the twilight of my childhood neighbourhood for her drunken husband to git’on home. (!) I guess I found the scene amusing because I laughed. I think I was wondering how effective a tool screeching is for commanding excitable dogs, or whether it might be a touch counterproductive. Regardless, I’m with the dog: running deer is exciting!

winter grasses

monochrome meadow

monochromatic meadow

[Hm. Something is… chewing? at something else in my walls. It makes me angry/afraid, a dangerous combination. A position which has found me hopping around on a tabletop, squealing instructions for my roommate to squash a something with our broom. I must remind myself to live and let live. I can handle some things, but somethings… we’ll have to wait and see.]

Ominous:o| I won’t leave you here.

chipped paint

looking closely at patterns in chipped paint

When I came in from the cold this aft, I put on the woolies I’d left warming on the rad. I’ll say it again: Rad. Oh, it is. This is my winter wish for you all: to embody the feeling of putting on warm, snuggly clothes and revelling in the heat transfer. That’s just good stuff.

queen ann's lace

the bones of queen ann’s lace

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